The outcome of the four Arab-Israeli wars contributed to establishing Israel. Britain and France held great influence in the Middle East. Egypt formed an alliance with the Soviet Union. Gamal Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal,  which brought great changes regarding the influence in the region. The change of influence to America and the Soviet Union. France and Britain made an agreement with the Israelis to make the first move, providing the Jewish people access to the canal. America retaliated and  threatened to cut off  their oil supply. So naturally France and Britain backed out. Israel attacked Egypt with bomb raids on their air fields, commencing the Six Days War.  Israel then continued to capture Golden Heights, West Bank, and the Sinai Peninsula. Ultimately, they agreed to return the land. But, only if peace was was the ending fator. Even though this war was a quick six days, it held the greatest responsibility towards the Israelis and Egyptians signing a peace treaty at the Camp David Accords.

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